Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Creating a Stylish yet Spacious Design for your Modern Bathroom

When looking forward to giving a bathroom a complete makeover, many homeowners manage to do an excellent job of selecting the look and feel to the room but find building it to be an immense challenge. Whether the aesthetic style for the room is a rustic design or is sleek and modernized, assembling the pieces of what should be the perfect bathroom can be a far more involved process than most people would at first expect. Although there are numerous fixtures and utilities that will ultimately comprise a renovated bathroom, the following is just a couple of smart choices that should be made by everyone. 

Accent Standard Designs with Stylish Choices 

Standard design elements are essential to a functional and comfortable bathroom, but that doesn't mean the room can't be stylish. While homeowners shouldn’t go to extremes and clutter the room with ultramodern light fixtures and super austere aesthetics, everyone can use smaller accessories to impart style to an otherwise traditionally decorated room. Take, for example, glass vessel sinks. Although ceramic and copper sinks are most commonly found in many bathrooms, sinks built with colored glass are becoming increasingly popular and for a good number of reasons too. 

The rising demand for glass sinks are due partly to its subtle yet sleek visual appeal. Interior decorators often warn homeowners against pulling out the stops when it comes to modern bathroom design. Instead, they usually recommend installing smaller features such as glass vessel sinks and brightly-colored tiling. By adding just a bit of visual splash to the room, you end up creating a much more refined look in the finished product. A smart combination of standard design with stylish accents proves successful time and time again. 

Emphasize Space over Luxury 

One of the biggest issues people encounter when renovating a bathroom is that there often isn't enough room for all the features they may have in mind. Some homeowners may want to replace their standing shower with a classically-designed bathtub, but the amount of space available is simply inadequate. Instead of sacrificing walking room for the sake of having another fixture in your bathroom, ask yourself one simple question: is it worth being uncomfortable for? Almost every time this question is asked, the answer is a clear "no." 

Regardless of whatever dream bathroom you may have envisioned, you always want to make sure you have a spacious and inviting room when the project is complete. If you're unsure what to keep in the initial design plans and what to leave out, pay mind to space first and foremost. Plan the desired amount of room you'll have for moving around prior to tearing out any installations and putting in new fixtures. This helps you avoid crowding and expensive setbacks.  


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